5 Current Examples Of Hiding In Plain Sight

To observe, watch, and listen to this President, and many of his enablers, it seems their attitude is, similar to, no harm, no shame! They proclaim, for example. since an apparent  russia ukraine news  improper effort was either discovered, or fumbled, there was no offense! Although, attorneys, almost universally (except those representing or enabling Trump), state clearly, it is a crime/ offense, to merely attempt the deed, supporters of this President, proclaim, how could something be obstruction, if/ when, it was done, in plain sight! Whether this related to certain behaviors, regarding Russia, American elections, hacking, Ukraine, etc, we’ve witnessed this behavior, over, and over, again! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 current examples, in the past 3 years, where we’ve witnessed this behavior (which appears, improper, or, at least, questionable).

1. Appealing to hackers: How proper is it, for a candidate for the highest office, in the land, to publicly, request assistance, from individuals, performing illegal activities (in this case, hacking, and/ or attempting to hack his political opponents, such as the Democratic National Committee, its Chairman, and Hillary Clinton, etc)? How many times have, each of us, seen, then – candidate, Trump, do so, during his campaign rallies? What does that indicate about his attitude, regarding political fairness, respect for the law, and our Constitution, and the potential behaviors, which are being investigated, currently, regarding doing something similar, with Ukraine, and its leaders?

2. The assassination of Washington Post reporter, Jamal Khashoggi: When our Intelligence agencies, and many independent agencies, reporter Washington Post journalist, Khashoggi, was assassinated by the Saudis, it seemed there was a cover – up, and our current administration, was, not only condoning it, but aiding the behavior, also. To date, we still haven’t seen any reasonable explanation, nor will we! We witnessed this, openly, on the news, yet, the supporters of this President, paid little attention, to this repeated, potential, abuse of power, etc!

3. Emoluments: Who, ever, thought, the word, emoluments, would become, such a familiar one? Previous Presidents had to take concerted measures, to avoid, even the impression, of conflicts of interest, yet, despite promising to do so, Trump has not! Even, Jimmy Carter, had to place his beloved, peanut farm, into a trust. Yet, we have witnessed, much abuse, in this area, regarding several of the properties, owned by Mr. Trump, including his hotels in Washington D.C., Florida, etc.

4. Ukraine: If you could do me a favor, though. These infamous words, and especially, the inclusion of the final one, is an essential factor, in finally, bringing about impeachment inquiries, etc. These were included in the transcript, the White House, submitted, and this President, refers to, as, a Perfect Call. In addition, 17 witnesses, came in front of Congress, to state, there was something unusual, rotten, and improper, going on!

5. Doubling Down: After, all the fuss, and ado, which came from previous behaviors and activities (actual, and/ or, perceived), at the precise time, Congress announced upcoming, impeachment hearings, this President, once again, privately, welcomed, the Russian Ambassador, into the Oval Office. Rather than, showing any remorse, or better behaviors, we continue to witness, what seems like, additional abuses, time, and time, again!


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