Coastal Vacations Review – A Vacation Bonanza Or an $11,000 Bogus Priced Vacation?

Coastal Vacations could be a real vacation bonanza or it could simply leave you with nothing but sand in your pockets. With this in mind, I will be covering three issues in this Coastal Vacations Review, that I feel are of great importance to anyone looking to make money online, which are:

1. Sponsor Support
2. Enrollment Fees
3. Customer Service.

I want to say here that if you are BONANZAJP already involved in the Travel Industry field and are a seasoned marketer, you might do very well with Coastal Vacations, however, if you are a new comer to Internet Marketing, you might find that selling this package will be like selling ice to an Eskimo.

Coastal Vacations is located in Kissimmee, Florida and was founded by a successful entrepreneur by the name of Fred Combs. Combs clearly realized the upward growth of the Travel and Leisure Industry, seized the day, and created this travel-based company that offers vacations at reduced rates.

Here are three issues that should be of importance to anyone considering joining the Coastal Vacations opportunity.

#1. Sponsor Support:

With any Online Marketing Business, your first two sales are with out a doubt the hardest to get. Coastal Vacations is a 2-Up system, which means that your first two sales, a total of $2000, will bypass you and go right to your sponsor. With Coastal, I found there to be no compensation plan in place to make sure that your sponsor stands by their new member. With no monetary incentive in place for them to keep helping you, they most assuredly will receive their $2,000 and be off to find the next person to give them 2 qualified sales, leaving you are flat out of luck my friend.

#2: Enrollment Fees:

What’s so nice is that Coastal Vacations offers three different payment levels of service. The 3 packages include Domestic and International travel options, where you earn $1000 – $9,705 per transaction. The packages Level #1 will cost $1295 and from there, the fees will go all the way up to $11,000, however, this $11,000 fee does include Levels 1,2 and 3.

#3. Customer Service:

Here’s the deal, if someone has a travel problem, you the Coastal Vacations Rep/Agent, will be the one to handle it, period. There aren’t any particularly good reports that I could find about Coastal Vacations customer support system. I don’t know about you but handling customer support issues is the last thing I would want to be doing with my time.

In Conclusion, You should consider yourself to be a skilled Internet Marketer with Coastal Vacations, because there is no incentive in place for sponsors to teach and help the newbies once past the $2,000 they receive from you. Some do make money, but the majority give up and are off to check out the next online opportunity or back to their J.O.B. It is so important, with any Internet Marketing Program, that you decide on, that you have a sponsor that will teach you the ropes and stand by you. In considering any online opportunity it is a good idea to check with The BBB and other government agencies because they have lists of Coastal Vacations Scams and other home based businesses you might be considering.


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