Drama-Based Training To Improve Negotiation And Communications Skills

Negotiation and communication skills are essential when you’re  in business. It’s the best way to establish connection with your customers and in the process, establish a good relationship with them. Because of the stiff competition in the business world, establishing a good relationship with your customers can help you stand out in the crowd.

The best way to improve your negotiation and communication skills is through training. There is a wide array of training being offered nowadays. In fact, there are also a lot of companies that provide soft skills training. But in my opinion, drama-based training or experiential training is the best.

Drama-based training

Drama-based or experiential training is learning through  Dramacool experience. It’s actually learning from a direct experience. From Aristotle to David Kolb to Piaget, these people believe in the power of learning from one’s experience. The philosophies they’ve shared to the world, pertaining to this was applied in experiential education. It’s also applied in business training.

There are a few companies out there that provide drama based training. The idea is to help the delegates learn fast by reflecting about what they did during the scenario. This type of training identifies that each individual has a different way of doing and perceiving things; that through this type of training, they will be able to change their ways to a more effective way of doing things.

Through drama-based training, people will learn how to improve their negotiation and communication skills.

They will work with actors and facilitators. The delegates will observe, create a scene, take part in the scene and write the plot with the help of the facilitators. In the end, they will be given to review and assess their performance. Were they able to achieve their goal? Did their action benefit them? What should they have done? What should they have said? Lessons are learned through their own experience and this shall be discussed.

It is believed that through this, the delegates learn faster. The experience is different and it’s more enjoyable compared to the didactic form of learning where there’s a teacher and there are students. These students just listen and although there is learning, they may easily forget it because there’s no experience to back it up. There’s no experience that they can recall and go back to when similar situation arises.

Business owners should invest in their team’s training. Although you’ll be spending a few hundred dollars, the return of your investment is invaluable.



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