Engraved Pens – Buying Engraved Pens

Pens of one type or another has been used for thousands of years. In fact, as early as 4,000 B.C. ancient people have begun using crude pens consisting of hollow straws or reds that supported a short column of liquid. During 500 B.C., people have begun to make pens from the wing feathers of birds like geese and swans. Today, pens rank among the most widely used writing instruments. In the United States alone, more than 2 billion pens are manufacture annually. There are five kinds of pens, namely; ballpoint pens, soft-tip pens, rolling-ball pens, fountain pens and specialty pens. The pens that will be discussed in this article belong to the last type, specialty pens.

Engraved Pens – Great Promotional Items
Engraved pens are just one type of specialty pens. A pen is one of those items that every person needs, regardless of the occupation, personality or strata in society. Having a pen handy is important especially in cases when there is a need to jot down vital information or papers to sign. Everybody uses a pen everyday and having your company’s name or company logo engraved on a pen can be a great way to stay ahead of the competition. The brand of a company and the logo of a company are very important tools when it comes to advertising. However, specially designed logos are useless if they not going to be used wisely for advertisement.

Clever ways must be thought of for effective advertising. Having your company’s logo and name engraved on a pen can greatly increase recall for your brand and product, because they are used by customers all throughout the day. A high quality logo or pen or engraved pen offered as a promotional item can be a great way to get your brand out to the masses, laser engraving machine and using engraved pens as opposed to something like smencils can make a big impression. Giving out useless products just doesn’t cut it for customers anymore. An engraved fountain pen will be more appreciated.

Studies have shown that giving away promotional items such as pens engraved with the name and the logo of a company can establish credibility. It is a proven way to create awareness among customers, clients, partners and the public. That is why promotional lanyards and personalized pencils are gaining more and more popularity. It is also a great gift to give on special occasions for that special someone.

The fact that the pen can be personalized means that it will fit any event. It can be a great gift for graduation, trade shows, conventions, birthdays and others. Engraved pens gift will be very much appreciated by the graduate.

The Engraving Process
Pen engraving is a fairly easy and quick process. This is a common process with fountain pens or expensive pens. There are many types of engraved pens, but the type will depend on the method used. Laser engraved pens are by far the most popular. A laser-engraving machine is used to carve out or simply mark the surface. A laser beam etches the surface of the laser engraved pens, thereby making it permanent. For precision in guiding the laser beam to reproduce exactly the design of the logo, artwork and text, a computer is used. An image is created, scanned or digitized in a computer. The image is then laser engraved onto the pen. Some engraving companies have a wide range of artwork and images to choose from. Pre-prepared artworks and images range from the conventional to the unusual.

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