Hunter Wellingtons of Today

The Hunter Wellingtons, originally designed 150 years ago in Scotland are one of today’s well known boots and of course the king of the fashion world. Hunter wellies stand out from the crowd for their durability to combat unpredictable weather. Not to mention the durability, style, and comfort they offer. The superior quality of the materials used in the manufacturing of Hunter Wellingtons has definitely helped them gain acceptance worldwide. Hunter boots are now considered a style statement in the fashion industry and the class it renders to the owner is inevitable. These wellies have indeed moved on from being a Scottish company to a global brand, showcasing a wide range of products over the years.

Today, hunter wellies are worn as a sign of class and elegance a far cry from their original purpose. Of course, going back to their roots in working conditions, they can now be seen in the garden, on a farm, or in the stables. These highly durable boots have been found to  offer great protection, performance and support, irrespective of the working environment. Known for their undoubted comfort, hunter wellies have conquered the industry ever since its emergence. Today, the whole world looks upon the hunter wellingtons with great respect for they have managed to update this timeless classic for the last 150 years.

The same methods are used 150 years later and many of you must be unaware of the very fact that each pair of hunter wellies are made using only top quality materials and up to 28 separate parts being combined just to make one boot! As it is quite clear that these boots were produced to beat the worst of wet British weather, they are therefore a suitable choice to fulfill the purpose of keeping feet warm, dry, protected and comfortable. When it comes to style and fashion, the hunter boots stands out of the lot for their classy and elegant design and at the same time, renders the best comfort you can ever ask for.

Hunter wellingtons are not limited to any specific occasions or events. They are both stylish as well as practical for a variety of activities, whether it is a festival, walking the dog, playing with the kids, or even going into town. Some of the frequently used varieties of hunter wellies are the Hunter Original Collection, RHS Gardening Collection, Elegant Sports, Hunter Technical, Hunter Bench Made and Hunter Kids. The wide range of choices offered by the hunter wellies of course points out to the fact that they have something to suit all sorts of activities, requirements and budgets of the people. They are the brand of today.


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