Manuel Antonio Is One of Costa Rica’s Top Vacation Destinations

Before booking a Costa Rican vacation, many studies will inevitability bumble across Manuel Antonio and with good reason. The small coast town hosts one of the world’s best natural parks possesses beautiful shorelines with stunning waters.

As a result, many of the area’s tours revolve around nature and the water. Even though a lot of the area is still unspoiled and raw beauty, there is no scarcity of accommodations for people happy to venture to see the town’s beauty with their own eyes.

The tired town receives a variety of visitors, so it will be home to a number of types of accommodations. There are the budget-friendly hotels which many Prestige Park Grove backpackers enjoy burning up to probably the most luxurious rental property leases for entire families, complete with top-notch hotel services and chic restaurant access.

This is all to serve as a base for visiting some of Manuel Antonio’s pristine white sand shorelines and enjoying it’s stunning scenery. Those scenery will definitely lead visitors to one of the world’s best parks for noticing creatures in its natural home.

The gem in the village’s the queen’s undoubtedly belongs to the Manuel Antonio National Park. Forbes rated it as one of the world’s top 12 most beautiful national parks. That beauty has seen its fair share of walkers and the wonderful wanting to interact with nature on a deeper level because they are bound to see a myriad number of animals in the park.

It is a smaller national park, but its respect gets it more than 100, 000 visitors a year. With a world-renowned national park at its heart, it is no surprise that its impressive flora and fauna attracts visitors to the spot. The spot is a destination for biodiversity which enables visitors to feel at one with nature.

However, sometimes people just want to stretch out and relax and for them, Manuel Antonio National Park contains four shorelines for visitors to select where to enjoy their downtime.

Yet, some people need to do more than just relax and view nature. Fortunately for them, the town has a number of activities available to get their adrenaline putting. There is deep sea fishing, scuba, swimming, surfing and more. Many hotels and luxury villas offer tour packages permit individuals to enjoy the island’s many activities.

One particular packages are boat tours, river tours, windsurfing, horse riding and even assistance with jet snowboarding leases. The name of the game at Manuel Antonio is outdoor activities, so people should come ready to participate and view nature in all of its honor.

Others may want to pop into a city and go shopping, for them, money of Costa Rica is just 82 miles away. Many people spend at least one night in San Jose before heading to Manuel Antonio since it offers a different experience than the Oceanside town.

San Jose has a bit more busyness because it is a city, so once tourists get the city life out of their system, they are more than happy to start a family in Manuel Antonio. One of the first orders of business in the town is to start relaxing and fast.

True to many beachside destinations, Manuel Antonio has its fair share of luxurious gyms that are too good to shun. Some even offer Bikram yoga and yoga for ambitious tourists willing to maintain their exercise routine while away from home.

Manuel Antonio is a beautiful, rugged destination for outdoor enthusiasts as well as relaxation specialists. The town hosts luxurious destinations, wonderful food and impeccable shorelines that are favored by tourists and locals alike.

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