New US President and Real Estate

With a new President of the United States only days away from being sworn into office, are we bound to see a light at the end of the recession tunnel? Things are bad across the United States, but will a new leader truly make a difference in the world of personal finance and real estate? We can all hope the promises of the new leader end up boosting the economy and bringing back the powerful economical reign the United States has come to love.

With a new President comes much of the excitement a child feels with a new toy. That excitement is enough to make people believe in the practices, rules and regulations that the leader preaches will turnaround our financial world. Along with that novelty, comes the fact that the current President of the United States is facing approval ratings lower than anyone every thought possible.

Is a Turnaround Out of the Question?

Some people, including the President Elect, believe the state of the financial crisis is bad enough that a change needs to be made today in order to save the United States from years of recession. Not unlike the months before President Bill Clinton took office, the United States economy is in a slump and needs a boost. It took President Clinton four years to change the slump and four more years to gain the total trust  real estate investment turkey of the United States people. Unlike that time in history, today people are looking for change and President Elect Obama may be the change the people need.

How Will The President Elect Change Real Estate?

The real estate market is directly related to the financial well-being of the people of the United States. If there is money flowing in the economy people are more likely to invest in a home of their own or investment real estate. When the media, friends and family are facing harsh economic times, lost jobs and reduced pay, the money is just not there to invest. And, even if the money is available, the savings rate in the United States is on the rise because people are saving that money in wait for the final financial shoe to drop.

The entire real estate community and agents across the United States stand together in hopes that the President Elect will be able to make good on many of the promises responsible for his election. A new day is on the horizon and we all can only cross our fingers that President Elect Obama understands what the American people and the real estate community need to climb out of the recession and become the financial leaders we once were as a nation.


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