Simple and Effective Uses of Essential Oils

Hippocrates the father of medicine knew the ability of aromatherapy and essential oils when he declared “The way to health is to have an savoury bath and fragrant massage daily. Aromatherapy is an amazing of utilizing holistic therapy which they can use in virtually every area of your life, Stress, Anxiety and Depression are just some of the areas that aromatherapy is incredibly effective. Olfaction is unique amongst the sensory faculties in its direct connections to the neuro endocrine and limbic structures of the brain.

When we detect the smell of an fat, that Ks Pod oil has recently entered into our bronchi & olfactory system and is stimulating the release of chemical reactions throughout our bodies. The response relies on the scent that is inhaled, the use of oils such as orange have been shown to reduce typing errors when vaporised in offices, oils such as fennel can stimulate digestive function and a whole plethora of oils can be successfully implemented for eliminating stress, anxiety, depression as well as boosting the immune system.

The option of essential oil(s) to use is very much a personal choice, I would recommend that you take some time to smell a few oils and invite the different bouquet to guide you to the essential oil(s) that are most suited to you. Listed below are oils that have an extensive array of uses. Bergamot FCF (Citrus bergamia) is an uplifting oil that works very fast and effectively. Bergamot can ease frustration and irritation and can defuse aggravation. Apply a drop neat at the first signs of a cold sore and it will get rid of it in its tracts. Add 8 falls to a tissue which is put in with your tea bags to make delicious Earl Dull tea

Chamomile German (Chamomillia matricaria) a calming soothing oil that is great for times of tension or sleeplessness. Such a gentle oil that it is safe to use on new born babies, this is my number 1 of for calming and promoting sleep in young children, also perfect for teething, tantrums and nappy break outs. Neroli (Citrus aurantium var amara flos) ideal for sleeplessness, irritation and depression a beautiful sweet floral scent that nurtures and rebalances torn nerves. Wear as a cologne when feeling down or nervous,

Frankincense (Boswellia carterii) a wonderful meditative oil that promotes stillness & yoga, use at night especially when you go through upset sleep or nightmares. Perfect when feeling uptight, anxious or flustered. Perfect for children that experience night terrors. My number 1 choice for asthmatics. Sandalwood Australia (Santalum spicatum ) is a deeply calming taking care of oil that can ease irritation and help us see past petty frustrations allowing one to find other solutions. An effective remedy for both tonsils & urinary tract infections gargle

Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) Promotes stillness and peace, ideal for irritations, anxiety, irritation and headaches. Can be applied neat to the skin to heal open wounds, cuts, bites & burns. Apply one drop to each forehead at the outset of a headache and feel the tension melt away. This oil is a first-aid box in a bottle. Vetivert (Vetiveria zizanoides ) a deep calming earthy scent that is great for anyone that tends to be “off with the fairies” inch not in their bodies, disconnected”,. Vetivert is grounding, very nourishing ideal for dried up skin it is calming to the nervous system has a great cooling effect when applied to the skin. Often people prefer to mix this with lighter oils such as Bergamot FCF or Sweet Orange to lift this scent a little.

The reason aromatherapy is so effective is that there are so many ways that you can make use of the oils to gain maximum benefit, Personally having a regular savoury bath at night is my sanity saver, others do not enjoy washing so use a vaporizer or finding a massage would be appropriate, listed below are suggestions. Washing with Essential oils is an ideal way to promote relaxation and sleep. It is a good idea to mix your fat (s) with a little (5ml) of carrier oil (sweet almond/ avocado/ Jojoba etc) I take advantage of an egg cell cup or shots glass to mix the carrier oil with the essential oils before serving into a drawn bath. Use Approximately 8 — 10 falls in an adult bath.

An electric vaporizer that needs no water is ideal to use in your bedroom to promote calm and peace and to help to assistance with quietening the mind so that sleep may be accomplished Sandalwood and Frankincense are two of my favourite oils for this, I am not a fan of candlestick burners as the idea of a nude flare unattended would be enough to keep me awaken all night, if you do not have an electric vaporizer It is advisable to use a candlestick burner in your bedroom a period of time before going to bed and the put out when you get into bed. Alternatively you can apply 3 falls of oil to a tissue and tuck this into your bed sheets slip. Add stimulating oils during the day to help you stay alert and focussed idea to use when working on a computer oils of Basil & Rosemary are perfect for mental dexterity

Receiving professional aromatherapy massage on a regular basis marvelous way to address stress, anxiety and depression, if your budget does not stretch to this then self massage is also recommended, add 5 falls of your chosen oil(s) to 10 local mls of carrier oil such as sweet almond/ Jojoba/ Apricot kernel etc, remembering to always build up your legs never down to assistance with circulation and forestall varicose undesireable veins

Joanne Lang is the Principal of Over shadow Living Substance Aromatherapy Hub which is a specialist one stop aromatherapy business we offer the highest quality training, treatments and products. I started the company in 1993 after several years of training & practising on my friends and family, the significant improvement to my health as an asthma suffering were astounding, the benefits to my two small kids incredible. I find myself that the best facets of aromatherapy are that it is empowering to the user, gentle to the environment and it works.

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